Interior Painting To Change A Theme

Let’s say your family is expecting a new addition. That baby’s going to need his or her own room, if not now, then soon. Alternately, maybe that baby is all grown, even moving to college, and now’s the time to turn that old bedroom into a new den or workspace. After all, that baby blue that was so cute years ago doesn’t lend itself to serious study. That what Elysium’s professional painters in Ann … Continue reading

Professional Kitchen Painting Ideas

Many home owners know they want a new look in their kitchen, but they’re not sure where to begin. All they know is that they want interior paint that’s beautiful and put together with care and thought.The problem is, they don’t know how to achieve that look. It’s ok – creating a well-designed kitchen doesn’t require installing all the newest bells and whistles, or updating to the trendiest colors of the moment. The most … Continue reading

Dealing With Wallpaper in Plymouth

It’s still cold outside, and though new cold weather paint technology allows us to get some exterior jobs done without waiting for the thaw, we’ve been doing a lot of interior work lately. Now, the typical interior job is one thing, but when we’re dealing with wallpaper, there’s a whole other complication to it. That’s what happened in a couple of cases out in Plymouth recently. Both homeowners knew it was time for a … Continue reading

Why you should remove wallpaper, not paint over it

If you have aging, ugly wallpaper in your home, it’s tempting to just paint over it—after all, removal would cost more money. There’s a few reasons why this might not work in the long run, and why we always recommend removing wallpaper prior to painting.

Decorating With Browns and Tans

Browns and tans are a popular color choice for many homes right now, because they are warm and easy to match with other colors. However, they can easily make a room look dated and dingy if not used properly. Let’s examine some ways to brighten up a room with brown walls! BRIGHT ACCENTS Bright colors like blue, especially blues closer to turquoise than true blue, look great with brown. It’s a good way to … Continue reading

Subtle Wall Colors

A popular trend right now is to use subtle colors—whites, neutrals, and grays with only a hint of color mixed in. If that makes you think of outdated pastels from years back, never fear—these colors are modern and stylish. GRAYS Grays with just a hint of color mixed in give a room a modern, tranquil effect. Gray green, for example, is a warm, muted green that goes great with natural materials. Blue-grays can be … Continue reading

White Paint

So far this summer we’ve talked a lot about color, and not being afraid to use it when painting your home. But sometimes, white is still the best color for the situation. Maybe you want to achieve a minimalist look, or maybe you own a lot of colorful furniture and you want it to pop without being distracting or loud. There’s more than one color of white, though, so be sure to choose shades … Continue reading

Should I Paint Before Moving In?

So, you just bought an amazing new house, and you’re planning on moving in as soon as you can. That’s great! But wait—the paint from the previous owners isn’t so amazing! It’s definitely time to get a painting quote… but should you paint before or after you move in? Let’s examine the pros and cons of both. Painting before you move in If you decide to paint before moving in, you won’t have to … Continue reading

Making the Most of Small Rooms

Are you afraid to paint a small room anything but white, because it might look even smaller? That’s not necessarily true! If you love color, don’t be afraid to use deeper colors and clever painting techniques to make your room seem bigger than it actually is. Dark Colors Dark colors might seem depressing, small, or overbearing, but that’s not always the case. Rooms lacking architectural character can benefit from the elegance and drama of … Continue reading

Interior Paint in Darker Rooms

Thinking about painting a smaller room, or a room without a lot of natural light? Most people who are thinking of painting a darker room reach for very light colors, trying to combat the lack of natural light. Professional painters know that’s not always the best option. Here’s the inside scoop! Dark paint colors When painting rooms with Northern exposure, rooms with no windows, or rooms where not enough daylight comes in because of … Continue reading