Dealing With Wallpaper in Plymouth

It’s still cold outside, and though new cold weather paint technology allows us to get some exterior jobs done without waiting for the thaw, we’ve been doing a lot of interior work lately. Now, the typical interior job is one thing, but when we’re dealing with wallpaper, there’s a whole other complication to it. That’s what happened in a couple of cases out in Plymouth recently. Both homeowners knew it was time for a … Continue reading

Cold Weather Paints

Are you thinking of painting with us, but worried that the cold season is going to affect the quality of your home’s exterior? Don’t worry– that’s no longer a problem! Not too long ago, all it took was an unexpected cold front to throw a project off track: most exterior latex paints could be applied only at temperatures above 50°F. Professional painters in Michigan were limited to the warmer months for their exterior painting … Continue reading

Why you should remove wallpaper, not paint over it

If you have aging, ugly wallpaper in your home, it’s tempting to just paint over it—after all, removal would cost more money. There’s a few reasons why this might not work in the long run, and why we always recommend removing wallpaper prior to painting.

Decorating With Browns and Tans

Browns and tans are a popular color choice for many homes right now, because they are warm and easy to match with other colors. However, they can easily make a room look dated and dingy if not used properly. Let’s examine some ways to brighten up a room with brown walls! BRIGHT ACCENTS Bright colors like blue, especially blues closer to turquoise than true blue, look great with brown. It’s a good way to … Continue reading

Subtle Wall Colors

A popular trend right now is to use subtle colors—whites, neutrals, and grays with only a hint of color mixed in. If that makes you think of outdated pastels from years back, never fear—these colors are modern and stylish. GRAYS Grays with just a hint of color mixed in give a room a modern, tranquil effect. Gray green, for example, is a warm, muted green that goes great with natural materials. Blue-grays can be … Continue reading

White Paint

So far this summer we’ve talked a lot about color, and not being afraid to use it when painting your home. But sometimes, white is still the best color for the situation. Maybe you want to achieve a minimalist look, or maybe you own a lot of colorful furniture and you want it to pop without being distracting or loud. There’s more than one color of white, though, so be sure to choose shades … Continue reading

Saving Your Wood Floor

Does your wood floor have scratches and scuff-marks? No need to replace or tile over it- there’s several options available for refinishing and restoring your floor to make it as good as new. Preserving your floor  Depending on how damaged the surface of the wood is, there are a few ways to restore it, both of which require a bit of prep work. If your floor has deep scratches, it will have to be … Continue reading

Making the Most of Small Rooms

Are you afraid to paint a small room anything but white, because it might look even smaller? That’s not necessarily true! If you love color, don’t be afraid to use deeper colors and clever painting techniques to make your room seem bigger than it actually is. Dark Colors Dark colors might seem depressing, small, or overbearing, but that’s not always the case. Rooms lacking architectural character can benefit from the elegance and drama of … Continue reading

Psychology of Color

Most clients have a natural attraction to certain colors — perhaps it’s their favorite color, or they just feel naturally drawn to the shade of paint — but it is usually difficult to decide in which room these colors would work best. Looking at the psychological effects of certain colors helps us to decide where color can work for us! Of course, these are dependent on culture and context, so different colors might elicit … Continue reading

Breathe Easy with VOC-free Primers

Paint has gained a bad reputation in residential and commercial painting for containing high amounts of volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. Keep your family safe from these dangerous chemicals by choosing paints and primers with low VOCs. Good thing Elysium Painting uses organic low VOC paints to keep you and your family safe! Paints that have high concentrations of VOCs can cause respiratory or eye irritation, as well as headaches and nausea. … Continue reading