It’s almost spring! Do you need exterior painting?

What the harsh winter means for homeowners: There is no denying, this has been a tough Michigan winter. The evidence is pulling apart our sidewalks and streets. Some may be noticing the toll the ice has taken on the gutters, paint and wood of our homes. As the long awaited thaw of winter begins, often-new projects are discovered and the lists begin to be made. Now is the perfect time to think about sprucing … Continue reading

Professional House Painting: How to tips from professional painters.

Professional Painters can make mistakes too – but we usually catch them on drop cloths!  Introduction to interior painting:  In this blog I’m going to share the most common interior painting problems I’ve discovered during my training, and how thorough prep work and quality paint can prevent them.   Painting Job Problem 1: Blocking The first is blocking, or when two separate painted surfaces stick to each other when they are pressed together, like a door sticking … Continue reading

Matching made Easy!

Learning to match is a lifelong skill; it’s something that grows with us but gets better with practice. Style advisers and paint stores have created a wide repertoire of paint options that paralyze the average buyer with different hues of the same color green. Knowing what color paint produced what color is a skill that is has become a career. What is not learned, but rather is instinctual, is the effect you want to … Continue reading

Interior Painting With VOC Free Primers In Brighton

Paint has gained a bad reputation in residential and commercial painting for containing high amounts of volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. Keep your family safe from these dangerous chemicals by choosing paints and primers with low VOCs. Good thing Elysium Painting uses organic low VOC paints to keep you and your family safe! Paints that have high concentrations of VOCs can cause respiratory or eye irritation, as well as headaches and nausea. … Continue reading

Exterior Painting in Summer Heat & Humidity

Perp work: The key to longevity on exterior paint jobs! Yes, it’s hot and humid. Should you paint your house? Even with good prep work, will the job still last as long? These thoughts and more wander into people’s heads during the hot August and September months, and safe to say, you don’t have to worry. To maximize job longevity and minimize the chance paint could dry out too fast without properly curing, painters … Continue reading