Don’t Neglect your Deck!

Here at Elysium Painting Company, we paint. Shucks, it’s in our name. Most people in the area know by now that we provide some of the best interior and exterior painting services around. What you might not realize is that’s not all we do. From drywall repair to molding installation and light carpentry, there’s plenty that we offer the homeowner, including one of the most important pieces of home maintenance: your deck. Like almost … Continue reading

Painting Brick is Bold but Effective

Exterior brick can be charming and lend a certain old-timey appeal to a building, but many homeowners feel it limits their options when it comes time to update the look of their house. If you own a brick house, chances are you’ve changed up your landscaping, updated your wood trim, stained your deck, maybe even changed your windows or the color of your shingles, but that brick hasn’t changed much since the day you … Continue reading

How far ahead should I schedule?

It’s one of the most frequent questions we hear. Over and over, customers wonder just when they should contact us. It’s a question than doesn’t have an easy answer– some people book months in advance, others just a short time. The important thing to realize is that our goal is to work around you, not to make you work around us. Maybe your post-Christmas glow has you wanting to change the look of your … Continue reading

Saving Your Wood Floor

Does your wood floor have scratches and scuff-marks? No need to replace or tile over it- there’s several options available for refinishing and restoring your floor to make it as good as new. Preserving your floor  Depending on how damaged the surface of the wood is, there are a few ways to restore it, both of which require a bit of prep work. If your floor has deep scratches, it will have to be … Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for Spring: Exterior Painting and other Tips

Now is the perfect time spruce up your home and undue the damage from winter weather. Elysium Painting a local professional Michigan painting company knows first hand how the winter months dramatically impact the appearance of your home. The winter months can be brutal for homes especially homes close to main road ways because of the salt that is used to clear the roads. Several things you may notice include peeling and chipping of … Continue reading

How to Dispose of Old Paint

Trying to open space up in your basement or garage, but don’t know what to do with your old paint? Though you can save money doing some painting yourself you are still left with all of the left over paint and equipment. Hiring a professional residential  or commercial painting company can help free the burden of excess clutter. Old paint especially has a lot of harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and not … Continue reading

Look Up: Ceiling Painting Techniques

If you’re looking to spice up your home, but ran out of wall space just look up! Decorative painting techniques can be a great way to enhance your living space and doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! The trained and experienced painting crew of Elysium Painting Company has extensive work experience and the back ground in this type of work and we would love to help you chose the perfect … Continue reading

Interior Painting – Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

Interior Painting – Kid Space   Whether you’re expecting a new arrival, moving into a new home, or freshening up a well-used space, kids rooms are FUN! If it’s within your budget, you may want to hire a professional painting company or artist to create a unique mural for your child’s room. If you’re not sure whether or not a house painting service or local artist are within your budget, many advertised artists will … Continue reading

Exterior Painting – A second coat of paint is worth it

Exterior painting for extreme weather With exterior painting, two coats of paint on a house is like two sweaters for us on cold winter day. Two coats of house paint definitely help colors last longer and add extra protection. When they do weather over time, the weathering happens farther out into the future and is less severe; imagine stain fading/peeling over stain versus over bare wood grain.   Residential Painting that lasts Two coats … Continue reading

Professional Interior House Painting

Professional Interior House Painting: Thermochromic Paint and the Home It’s been around for a while but most are not aware that heat sensitive paint even exists.  That can be for good reason though because of the price most manufacturer’s charge.  Until now this reactive paint has been mainly used for auto-body finishes, building materials, and industrial products but now it’s making its way into home painting and décor with unlimited possibilities. Paint Colors and … Continue reading