Front door facelift: bold entryways.

One of the simplest ways to give your exterior a quick facelift is to change up your front door color. Having a bold door color is not only eye catching, but it also gives your house some distinguished personality. You’re entry way is a high traffic point, so often it needs to be repainted more than other areas of your interior or exterior. Many homeowners find it easy to express their personality with their … Continue reading

Commercial Painting– a Welcome Challenge!

Here at Elysium a lot of our focus–and much of the content on this blog–is on residential painting. While house painting is key to our business, it’s certainly not our only area of expertise. Although commercial painting requires a slightly different approach, it’s a challenge that we welcome- even enjoy. Our goal, after all, is still essentially the same: A satisfied customer. However, where residential painting is all about making a building attractive and … Continue reading

New Year, New Interior Paint Scheme

Happy New Year! If you’ve made resolutions to spruce up your house, we can help. We can help. Exterior and interior painting are our passion, and we can also help you with drywall repair, hardwood floor refinishing, and light carpentry. If you just want to freshen things up without doing anything dramatic, you may want to avoid bright colors and neon shades, or colors that are very dark. The hottest trends in paint colors … Continue reading

Saving Your Wood Floor

Does your wood floor have scratches and scuff-marks? No need to replace or tile over it- there’s several options available for refinishing and restoring your floor to make it as good as new. Preserving your floor  Depending on how damaged the surface of the wood is, there are a few ways to restore it, both of which require a bit of prep work. If your floor has deep scratches, it will have to be … Continue reading

Lead Paint Removal: Remove Layers Safely

Lead Paint Removal: Safely Removing Layers Many older homes have an amazing amount of painting layers where families after family have put their marks. Many older homes have a craggy clapboard landscape of cracks, chips, and flakes where multiple coats of paint, applied during the long cycle of homeowner after homeowner. To fix this you can easily scrape and sand the walls smooth before priming and top coating but you just run the same … Continue reading

Renovating Your Home, Stay “Lead Safe”

Renovating Your Home ( 3 Part Series ) The Risks of Lead Paint (Series 1 of 3) If you are renovating your own home lead paint is a important concern. If you are a homeowner renovating a home built before 1960 or even earlier, it’s crucial that you learn about lead paint exposure and how it might affect your loved ones, along with how to prevent lead poisoning in your home. How Are People Exposed to Lead? … Continue reading

Interior Painting Touch-Ups

Seamless Interior Painting Touch-up Techniques Eventually, newly painted walls, cabinetry, and trim will need to be touched up. This should be easy, especially when you have leftover paint from the project. Often the results are disappointing: The notches and scuffs are gone, but now you have spotty patches with a slightly different color and texture. Here are some tips that our professional painters use to solve this problem. Prep Work. Usually, washing down the … Continue reading

Exterior House Painting During the Winter

Exterior House Painting During the Winter One of the most destructive seasons of our year is the onset of winter and the cold that follows.  Because of these very brutal forces it is crucial to make sure your home is safe and well protected to endure until Spring. One of the most important steps in preparing for Winter is to make sure the exterior paint of your home is sealed and unexposed to the … Continue reading

Who Will be Inside my Home?

This is a frequent – and welcome question we receive from homeowners. When you call Elysium to the job, you get Elysium’s house painters: People who have been with us for years, people who have a history, people who will care for and respect your home like it’s their mom’s. We treat every job from a simple bedroom painting to a large complex like it’s a showcase job: anybody can come in at any … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Before Hiring House Painters

One of the most common statements we hear from homeowners is that they haven’t hired a good painting contractor before. Sure, they’ve tried family members, painting on their own, or hiring handymen – all to result in jobs that range from fair to disastrous. Whether you just want someone to clean up your cut lines or do an entire house painting with picture perfect results and zero stress, it’s wise to be aware of … Continue reading