Professional House Painting: How to tips from professional painters.

Professional Painters can make mistakes too – but we usually catch them on drop cloths!  Introduction to interior painting:  In this blog I’m going to share the most common interior painting problems I’ve discovered during my training, and how thorough prep work and quality paint can prevent them.   Painting Job Problem 1: Blocking The first is blocking, or when two separate painted surfaces stick to each other when they are pressed together, like a door sticking … Continue reading

DIY Washtenaw: Overview of the interior painting process.

‘Tis the Season to be interior painting It’s a new season and time for new colors! Whether you want a fresh look, touch ups over damage from kids and pets, or the removal of that old, flowery wallpaper (finally!), there are several key factors to remember. If you’re considering painting your own house rather than hiring a professional painter, a good plan and proper materials will ensure your project is successful. Schedule Do you … Continue reading

Don’t Neglect your Deck!

Here at Elysium Painting Company, we paint. Shucks, it’s in our name. Most people in the area know by now that we provide some of the best interior and exterior painting services around. What you might not realize is that’s not all we do. From drywall repair to molding installation and light carpentry, there’s plenty that we offer the homeowner, including one of the most important pieces of home maintenance: your deck. Like almost … Continue reading

How far ahead should I schedule?

It’s one of the most frequent questions we hear. Over and over, customers wonder just when they should contact us. It’s a question than doesn’t have an easy answer– some people book months in advance, others just a short time. The important thing to realize is that our goal is to work around you, not to make you work around us. Maybe your post-Christmas glow has you wanting to change the look of your … Continue reading

Vinyl or wood? Why you should keep your wood siding

If you’re thinking of repainting your house this season, one of the first things you have to consider is your wood siding. Do you need to repair it? Does some of it need to be replaced? And why not just use vinyl? A good siding will act as a foundation to ensure your paint looks its best and lasts as long as possible, so we recommend keeping your wood siding in place. Architecture Wood … Continue reading

Refinishing or Painting Wood Flooring

There comes a time in many homeowner’s lives when they are faced with the question of whether or not to refinish their wood flooring. Other options, such as carpeting or tiling are often cheaper, but are less favorable for many other reasons. Every type of flooring has its pros and cons. However, we are huge fans of the timeless elegance of wood floors! Tiling over the top of old wood is often an option … Continue reading

Vinyl Siding vs. Wood Siding – Why Repairing and Repainting Wood is Best!

When approaching an exterior painting project, many folks often consider switching to vinyl siding. If vinyl is advertised to be virtually maintenance-free, then why should homeowners invest in the upkeep of their wood siding? Vinyl is allegedly a wise investment because it supposedly means never having to paint your home again. It can easily be installed over the top of your home’s original siding and you can benefit from the additional insulation that will … Continue reading

Breathe Easy with VOC-free Primers

Paint has gained a bad reputation in residential and commercial painting for containing high amounts of volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. Keep your family safe from these dangerous chemicals by choosing paints and primers with low VOCs. Good thing Elysium Painting uses organic low VOC paints to keep you and your family safe! Paints that have high concentrations of VOCs can cause respiratory or eye irritation, as well as headaches and nausea. … Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for Spring: Exterior Painting and other Tips

Now is the perfect time spruce up your home and undue the damage from winter weather. Elysium Painting a local professional Michigan painting company knows first hand how the winter months dramatically impact the appearance of your home. The winter months can be brutal for homes especially homes close to main road ways because of the salt that is used to clear the roads. Several things you may notice include peeling and chipping of … Continue reading

How to Dispose of Old Paint

Trying to open space up in your basement or garage, but don’t know what to do with your old paint? Though you can save money doing some painting yourself you are still left with all of the left over paint and equipment. Hiring a professional residential  or commercial painting company can help free the burden of excess clutter. Old paint especially has a lot of harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and not … Continue reading