Making a Small Space Look Larger with Paint

It’s all about using every bit of space you can in a small room and luckily by choosing the right color you can fool the eye into thinking the space is much larger! Of course you want the best painters in the Ann Arbor area to help you decide which colors would work best for your small space. Have a smaller room opening up into a larger room and having a hard time deciding which colors would work best?

Color Combinations that Help Create Illusion

Many color combinations can be used to help the flow of transitioning to one room to another, but cream colors and icy blues can be great color combinations. It’s all about illusion when trying to make a small space seem larger. Any professional painting service would know that light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Using light and bright colors on your walls helps create reflection making the space feel open and airy, which will help create the effect made by natural sunlight. Selecting softer tones of greens and blues will help create an optimum effect. If you want to incorporate darker colors it’s best to use them on the border and trim, but if you paint your moldings lighter colors then your walls it makes the space feel much larger.

Other Tips and Tricks

If you chose to paint your walls dark colors it’s best to finish them off with a clear coat of satin polyurethane because it helps create a touch of lightness by creating a bright sheen, which can also add a touch of lightness to their deep color tones. If you have a small short room you can help enhance it by painting thin vertical stripes 3 to 5 inches wide in two tone-on-tone shades. It’s important to remember that cool colors give the effect of the walls receding while warm colors appear to come toward you. You can also incorporate furniture in a small room to help make it seem larger. Furniture made out of metals, mirrors and polished surfaces and glass can help reflect light and open up a room.

Experienced Painters

If you would like to leave your painting project up to the professionals we are more then happy to help! Our painting crews have years of experience and we are a licensed, bonded and insured company with hundreds of references. We would be glad to walk you through the process of getting a free painting estimate and letting you know what the job will entail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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