Is the temperature too cold to paint? Not yet!

Many homeowners are trying to squeeze in end-of-the-season exterior jobs, and many ask the same question: “Is it too cold to paint?” Our reply is – not quite yet!

Freezing temperatures are an absolute threshold under which no paint or stain should be applied to any home. As long as temperatures are consistently above 40*, however, most painting applications are safe. While the ideal temperature is higher, as long as the paint has enough time to properly dry and cure in moderate temperatures the job’s longevity will not be affected.

Elysium crews take extra precautions by adapting to the weather with slightly shorter work days. We start in mid-morning once the weather has warmed up, and stop painting early enough for the paint to properly dry before it gets too cold outside at night. On certain abnormally cold or frosty days, we may suggest waiting, but you can have confidence that we will never go ahead with a paint job if we don’t think it will last due to weather or other external factors.

After all, we have to pay our painters when we honor our warranties, so we care about this just as much as you do!

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