Interior Painting for Your Kitchen

Many home owners know they want a new look in their kitchen, but they’re not sure where to begin. All they know is that they want interior paint that’s beautiful and put together with care and thought.The problem is, they don’t know how to achieve that look. It’s ok – creating a well-designed kitchen doesn’t require installing all the newest bells and whistles, or updating to the trendiest colors of the moment. The most important part of creating a beautiful kitchen is knowing what style you prefer. Understanding your preferred style can go a long way in guiding you in gathering relevant kitchen painting ideas. The following are just a few popular styles that can aid you in deciding what theme you want, along with some kitchen painting ideas to achieve that look.

Modern interior painting for your kitchen

Modern interior painting for your kitchen

Modern interior paint for your kitchen

The Modern style is minimalist with sleek lines and neutral colors accented with bursts of bright, bold primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. To achieve this look, be selective about where primary colors will be used; don’t overwhelm your visual senses by overusing the primary colors. Maximize its effect by balancing out the overall design of the kitchen by using black, white, or a neutral color as the dominant color, then giving a punch of color here and there with the primary colors, either as an accent color, or in a vivid decorative piece. Contemporary design is often confused with the modern style, because both utilize clean, linear lines. However, the contemporary style is softened with ornamentation through a variety of materials and details, and the use of unsaturated colors, to give the space a less stark look. Painting your interior in tones that complement each other, and repeat them throughout the color scheme is contemporary style. These are colors that are adjacent to each other on the paint color wheel, like blue, green, and yellow-green; and because analogous color combinations are often found in nature, they are especially attractive to the eye.

Traditional interior painting for your kitchen

Traditional interior painting for your kitchen

Kitchen paint in traditional colors

The Traditional room also carries with it a feeling of reminiscence and comfort. The style oftentimes uses a monochromatic color palette that portrays a sense of calm, especially those of blues and greens. Using the colors that fall in the middle of the spectrum, further adds to the serenity of the space, unlike reds or oranges, that would fall at the ends of the color spectrum. Also common in a Traditional room is symmetry, which continues to add to the feeling of tranquility with its uniform appearance. Create a Traditional-styled kitchen color scheme by using whites, along with the calming color of a range of blues or greens. Keep the room light and airy. You can break up the monotony by painting in stripes of alternating whites and the chosen color, and yet also maintaining symmetry for an overall balanced look.

Free painting estimates and color consultations

If none of the above styles appeal to you, we’re happy to visit you in your home and give you a free painting estimate and color consultations. Give us a call – we’re here to help!

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