House Painting And Doing It Yourself

House Painting And Doing It Yourself

by Jessica S. from Ann Arbor, MI (guest author)
Interior House Painting - When tape doesn't work!

Interior House Painting - When tape fails!

Although I’m new to the professional house painting business, I know have an extensive experience dealing with interior paint problems. The first thing I learned the hard way is that Do-It-Yourselfing is not for me. I do not have the time or tools to do the job properly. Next I learned that my out of work computer design specialist brother in law’s skills are not much better than mine. Lastly I learned that hiring family can result in tense Sunday dinners.


Interior Paint Pain

I have ragged taping on the corners of my walls where two paint colors meet. I have red roller marks on my white ceilings. I have long gooey drips where too much paint was applied unevenly. I have been cleaning paint drips off my molding and hard wood floors for the last 4 months. I’m frustrated. Yes, I initially saved money trying to do it myself and hire cheap help but now in the long run I have to hire a professional to fix it.

Residential Painting: Pick 2

My husband is a classic car enthusiast and he always says, “ when you’re getting a custom paint job on your beloved automobile, you can have 2 of three things: fast, great, or cheap.” This adage applies perfectly to residential painting. If you’re willing to wait until the off season, you can get a great job for a discount. If you have to have the job done immediately, it’s usually that case that you can pay more for a great job on a deadline, or you can pay a more moderate rate and get a mediocre result. If you want a superb job right away, that’s going to be reflected in your painting quote.

Professional Painter vs. Actual Project Cost

Before starting a house painting project yourself consider:
1. Cost of the tools to do the job – once you’ve rented a power washer and purchased ladders, drop cloths, rollers, paint, brushes, sanding materials, and paint how much are you really saving? Subtract the cost of materials from the amount it would cost to hire a professional. Is the remainder enough to justify your time and convenience.
2. Logistics versus realistic expectations – If the painting project is extensive, includes lead or wallpaper removal, involves high ceilings, extensive prep work, or drywall repair, hiring an expert can save you a lot of time and heartache and in the long term, money.
3. Liability, or as I say at home, “I know honey, but I just feel better if I have someone else to hold responsible.” What is it worth to you to know that if  the worst should happen and there’s a fall from a ladder, medical expenses and damages to property will not be your responsibility?

Ann Arbor Painting Help

These are questions I failed to ask myself in my haste to cover up the pea green eyesore in the kitchen of my brand new home. The attached photos are of my actual home in its current state. Luckily, I know a great painting company in Ann Arbor.



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