Exterior Paint Schemes

Many homeowners are under the incorrect assumption that a colorful and imaginative color scheme will cost a great deal more for both materials and labor than a dull one. Unless the scheme is a Victorian manse with dozens of colors this is rarely the case. Exterior paint can subtly downplay less attractive elements such as gutters, downspouts, air conditioning units, unevenly placed windows, etc. and highlight your home’s best features. As a professional painting company, we offer free residential painting color consultations to help you emphasize the positive and minimize the negative.

Exterior paint should compliment your home

Exterior paint should compliment your home

Residential Painting Color Tips

A mistake I’ve seen often is choosing a color scheme for a home without considering the home’s surroundings. If your home clashes with your neighbors, the effect can be jarring. Most clients are happiest when they choose a scheme that blends with the neighborhood or stands out in a subtle, unobtrusive way. Landscaping also counts! When picking the perfect color, consider tress that change color, flowering shrubs, flower gardens, and other features in the yard – will your paint color be compatible? Heavily wooded lots will make colors look darker due to shade and greens or grays could camouflage your home making it disappear into the surroundings. A large home on a small lot painted white or a light color – for instance, a tinted neutral tone can make the house seem larger and the yard seem smaller. Dark colors can make a home look smaller but also add distinction. Professional painters know a safe and effective approach to color placement is to select two tints or shades from the same color strip a few shades apart. Either the lighter or the darker shade could be used for the body and the opposite for the trim. A contrasting accent color could punctuate the door. Lighter colors on a porch will make a home feel more “approachable” and welcoming. Height can be scaled down by painting the upper portion of a tall house a deeper tone than the bottom portion. This is also effective on a small lot or when landscaping is immature. Light or white shades are a good choice for windowsills for reflection of the sun’s heat and light. If a house is placed far away from the curb, painting it a light color will visually bring it forward and vice versa.

Exterior house paint should work with surrounding colors from the yard.

Exterior house paint should work with surrounding colors from the yard.

Free Painting Estimates

Your home’s color makes a first impression, an individual statement that can enhance curb appeal and even resale value! Before you get started with exterior painting a little research can go a long way. Don’t overlook interesting architectural detailing – highlight it with color! If you don’t have any idea what you like, driving through various neighborhoods to see color in action can quickly give you a feel for what you do and don’t like.. Make note of appealing color schemes and consider adapting them to your own home. Assuming no structural work is needed, painting is the most cost-effective approach to changing the appearance of a home. Define the entryway by using color as a “Welcome” sign. Windows are an opportunity: they give character to a house -outlining them lends crispness to the whole color scheme. We’re happy to come give you a free painting estimate and go over all of your color options!

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