Interior Painting To Change A Theme

Let’s say your family is expecting a new addition. That baby’s going to need his or her own room, if not now, then soon. Alternately, maybe that baby is all grown, even moving to college, and now’s the time to turn that old bedroom into a new den or workspace. After all, that baby blue that was so cute years ago doesn’t lend itself to serious study. That what Elysium’s professional painters in Ann … Continue reading

Making small spaces look larger

A muted neutral color palette will make a small room feel bigger, right? Cover your walls in whites and beiges and your tiny room will expand? Not necessarily! This is a common paint-color misconception, a myth that causes many folks to sacrifice style and drama for the preconceived notion that you can’t go wrong with white in a small room. Don’t get us wrong- white is fabulous and can be used favorably in many … Continue reading

Painting Your Home And Color Thoery

If you’re thinking of having your interior painted, you may want to learn a little bit about color theory. Isaac Newton invented the first circular diagram of colors in 1666. Since then, artists and scientist have focused on color theory, discovering many rules and formulas. These rules and formulas can be used to create visual illusions; with just a few of the basic principles, you can enlarge your living area. Residential Paint Color Wheel … Continue reading

Professional Kitchen Painting Ideas

Many home owners know they want a new look in their kitchen, but they’re not sure where to begin. All they know is that they want interior paint that’s beautiful and put together with care and thought.The problem is, they don’t know how to achieve that look. It’s ok – creating a well-designed kitchen doesn’t require installing all the newest bells and whistles, or updating to the trendiest colors of the moment. The most … Continue reading

Exterior Paint Schemes

Many homeowners are under the incorrect assumption that a colorful and imaginative color scheme will cost a great deal more for both materials and labor than a dull one. Unless the scheme is a Victorian manse with dozens of colors this is rarely the case. Exterior paint can subtly downplay less attractive elements such as gutters, downspouts, air conditioning units, unevenly placed windows, etc. and highlight your home’s best features. As a professional painting … Continue reading

Interior & Exterior Priming In West Bloomfield

Residential painting and priming Typically primer plays a very important role in providing a stable foundation for the house paint. Why? Well, the short answer is that priming first often produces a more attractive and durable finish. It covers dark colors or surfaces better if you’re trying to go from dark colors to light colors. It sounds basic, but many people aren’t aware that primer and paint are two completely different products – paint … Continue reading

Pet Friendly Interior Painting

Michigan families spend a lot on pet products and services every year, and pet owners are looking for new ways to make life with animals easier, cleaner, and more stylish. Low maintenance is the key concept to keep in mind, since dirt and stains are inevitable with indoor animals or any busy household. Decorating for pet owners has become serious business, and we’re here to help with all your painting needs in Washtenaw and … Continue reading

What to expect from professional painting contractors

What to expect from professional painting contractors Many of the homeowners we speak to every day want to know about the crew of professional painters that will be in their home, and it’s a great question! Interior painting can take several days for large projects and during that time new people will be inside your home. That takes a lot of trust and we’re happy to go above and beyond to earn that trust. … Continue reading

Painting Your Interior – How Much Paint Do You Need?

How to calculate how much paint you need – advice from a professional painter One of the first things home owners considering house painting need to consider is cost. If they are hiring a professional painting company labor and materials must be calculated. If they are painting the house on their own the cost of materials has to be calculated – primarily the paint. Never fear! Your favorite painting company is here with a … Continue reading

Dealing With Wallpaper in Plymouth

It’s still cold outside, and though new cold weather paint technology allows us to get some exterior jobs done without waiting for the thaw, we’ve been doing a lot of interior work lately. Now, the typical interior job is one thing, but when we’re dealing with wallpaper, there’s a whole other complication to it. That’s what happened in a couple of cases out in Plymouth recently. Both homeowners knew it was time for a … Continue reading